Newb’s Guide To 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool games are most famous game that needs to play with one cue ball and 15 numbered balls. These fifteen balls contain one black 8 balls in which the player need to pocket the solid colored balls, which are numbered as 1 to 7 and the other players try to knock the striped balls that are numbered as 9 to 15. The first player who ready to pocket 8 balls to win a game. Once you decide to play 8 ball pool games, first of all you need to understand the basics and set up the game. To win this game, you should be the player to pocket the 8 balls.

Once you find the triangular pool, you have to place 1 to 15 balls inside the table. First of all, you should arrange the rack from head spot at opposite end of a table. Once you are ready to play, you just remove the rack frame so that the balls will remain. Once you set the 8 ball at the center of a triangle and put 1 ball at another point of a triangle. Make sure to put the solid ball in one corner and stripe ball in another corner. However, this pool is always rich with various terminologies that could be complex for the new players to understand. During the game play, if the breaker fails to run a proper break, then it can be a foul. In case of a foul or scratch, the player needs to turn the shoot.

Standard rules for playing 8 balls

The following are the standard pool rules to play 8 ball games such as,

  • Rack the balls

You can use the triangle while racking the balls and also need to be spotted the foot spot. Here all the balls can be lined up that need to press together so that they have contact one to each other.

  • Use balls, tables and equipment

Under these rules, all games are specially designed for balls, tables and equipment that meets the standard to mention in the BCA equipment specification. To have access to the best equipment you might want to look for 8 ball pool 4 cash: 8 ball pool hack on the internet.

  • Striking cue ball

The legal shots are needed, when the cue ball struck with cue tip. If you fail to meet this requirement, it is a foul.

  • Opening break shot

It is often determined by either a lot or a lag. When the player wins a lag, they get a chance to open a break shot and assign it to the opponent.

  • Pocketed balls

If the ball is considered as a pocketed ball, then it should be resulted as a legal shot. When the bed is not a pocketed ball, then the ball rebounds from the pocket back into the table.

Play pool game with great features

8 ball pools are one of the number one pool games in the world. It is highly featured with real time life physics and efficient ball movement for enjoying the game play. At last, 8 ball pool games always bring the challenging gaming experience for all the players who try to win this bog tournament.