Tips for Clan Chest in Clash Royale

Clash Royale has been a very popular game which is quite similar to that of Clash of the clan. Here in this game, one can find similar characters, chests, troops, gold, gems and similar items. Here there will be two teams and each of them will compete will each other. Each team will have to destroy the three towers were breaking the middle tower will determine the fate of the players. But they will have to complete it within 3 minutes and if they fail then an extended time will be given. So Clash Royale also comes with clan chests, so here in this article some of the tips are mentioned below:

Tips on clan chests

Clan chests are very important as it helps to introduce new elements regarding recruitment and evolution of the current members, you can get them by using clash royale cheats. If you are carrying the troops who are not performing well then it can act like the dead weight. It is very much important to concentrate on the crown production which is only possible if you are having a troop of hardworking people. One will need 1600 crowns in order to reach the level 10 of chest tiers and it will take at least three days. So if you have 50 efficient clan members then they can produce 32 crowns every day. Having a troop which is consistent is very important.

In a clash of the clan for participating in clan chest, many players drop their trophies in order to participate in a chest with opponents of low areas. But it is recommended not to drop the trophies as it stops the progress and moreover when the players participate with low arena players than their gain through which it is also low.

You will not be able to control the movement of your troops so always try to make them stronger by upgrading. In this way, whenever they will attack the side towers they will quickly destroy it and proceed to the middle one. Moreover, a troop should always consist of both weak and strong players in order to maintain the equilibrium.

Always pick troops who can fight properly in both aerial and in the ground. If you just let the ground troops then chances of losing are high.

If someone follows these tips properly then they can easily master the clan chest. Always store the gold and gems in order to upgrade the troops and the weapons.